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Friday's Mumble 25th May

Posted by in Office Updates on 24th May 2012

Today's mumble is so weather related due to the great sunshine bearing down on the office. The air con units are in overdrive and not coping and water has replaced the tea & coffee.

Linda and Trish aren't in today and enjoying a well earned day off no doubt, in fact they both aren't back till Tuesday.

I feel the need to settle an office ' rip ' as Kirsty and Julie keeping taking the mickey out of Judd saying he looks like Mr Tumble. Even Ella was asked today and she went errr yeah he does doesn't he! So as Judd...

Friday 18th May Mumble

Posted by in Office Updates on 19th May 2012

Another mixed bag weather wise this week.

A few great events to look forward to The Devon County Show is on right now and Paramount Personnel will be guests on one of our clients on Saturday. Of course the Olympic Torch has landed in Cornwall and will be moving through Cornwall and arrive in Exeter Sunday afternoon before heading onwards again.

Sports wise, looking forward to the Championship play off final of Blackpool and West Ham tomorrow and I hope Blackpool can do it, which is a big ask over such a strong West Ham. The other big game is of course...

Friday's Mumble 27th April

Posted by in Office Updates on 10th May 2012

What another week…..!


No one coming to this country this week would believe we are in a drought, one month’s rainfall in 4 days! Cars not far from our office stuck in flood waters, the only happy faces are farmers!


Turn on the television and it is like we are going backwards again, double dip recession. Great, propaganda and negativity everywhere, just what we all need? Mind you the government are bringing the fuel tankers strike up again to try and raise more TAXES, sorry I mean awareness!


Still the Paramount office shows no sign of the awful downturn from 2009, in fact...

Friday's Mumble 11th May

Posted by in Office Updates on 10th May 2012

Short week this week and yet another rainy start to the week, but as I type this mumble the sun is well and truly out over the office and the windows have even been opened!

Exeter City were finally put out of their misery at the weekend and sent down for a season in league 2, hopefully they will bounce straight back up? The local football weekend was put into perspective by the illness of Steve Perryman and we all hope he will make a full and speedy recovery as he is a truly nice guy. I was only speaking to...

Friday's Mumble 4th May

Posted by in Office Updates on 3rd May 2012

Well yippee May and Spring has certainly arrived hasn't it?

Our office was graced this week with the visit of HRH and we were only left wondering if she was in a hurry as she drove past without stopping or a royal wave! Linda did think she waved but Judd pointed out ' no Linda, that's the flag on the car '! We have just stopped laughing at that one too.

On the subject of Linda she has gone off on a cruise today setting sail from Southampton and in keeping with the friendly office banter we have said that at least...