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Friday 24th August Mumble

Posted by in Office Updates on 23rd August 2012

Seems to be a slight pattern here with the mumbles and ducks floating past our office!

This week has seen Julie over take Judd in the perm invoices and Mike is desperatly trying to get past Dean in the temp invoices, but I ask you come on!

A major name confirmed as a new catering client towards the end of this week that we have wanted as a client for a number of years so watch this space for their vacancies online over the next month.

This weeks office banter has decided that Judd in Bungle, Julie of course is zippy, Mike is...

Friday 17th August Mumble

Posted by in Office Updates on 16th August 2012

Glad to see the British Summer time has yet again swapped with Autumn or maybe even Winter? What a great week's weather we have had again, we actually saw two ducks outside the office.

Tuesday saw Paramount take a number of it's clients to the cup match between Exeter and championship team Crystal Palace. A great korma, was followed nuremous alcoholic beverages and we all put the game to a debate after nuremous bad decisions and lack of a killer bite from City. They lost a close game 1 -2 as well.

This week has seen a lift of activity in the...

Friday 10th August Mumble

Posted by in Office Updates, Opportunities , Website on 9th August 2012

All I can say is thank you to the computer for letting me type a whole mumble and then kicking me out without saving it - don't you just love it when that happens?

So here goes again!

Today we should start with a funny as Judd aka Mr Tumble was today referred to as Tom Clooney!

We should also welcome our newest recruit Michael Roberts to the team. Michael will be looking after our Construction and Engineering desk. He has come from a High Street recruitment back ground (don't hold that against him), working for a national recruiter in Exeter. After transferring...

Friday 3rd August Mumble

Posted by in Office Updates, Staff on 2nd August 2012

First Friday mumble for 3 weeks - sorry I know you have missed it!

Well what a week Olympic fever has not only gripped the nation but the Paramount Personnel office as well. We all enjoyed getting our hands on the torch this week and having a few pictures taken.

The weather isn't even worth talking about, hot, cold, wet, mist = YEAH British summer time.

On a brighter note and new phone system now works and our IT hasn't had a fit this week which is always good news.

A new consultant joins the team on Monday, Michael Roberts is an experienced recruitment...

Olympic Torch comes to Paramount

Posted by in Office Updates, Seasonal on 1st August 2012


The Olympic torch made its way to the Paramount Personnel offices this week on the day that team GB won its first Gold of the games.


Pictured at the front of the Paramount Personnel office is most of the Paramount team that managed to have a quick picture before the rain came back.





The Olympic Flame is carried in a Gold Davey Miners Lamp with armed guards and the first Olympic Torch each day is lit from this Gold Davey Miners Lamp with encompasses the Olympic Flame


The Torch was designed by east Londoners Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby,...

New Consultant Joins Paramount

Posted by in Staff on 1st August 2012

Paramount Personnel welcomes its newest Consultant to the team Michael Roberts.
Michael will be looking after the Construction and Engineering side of the Paramount business. Michael has a background in Construction, Civils and of course re...

cruitment. Working for a local national recruiter in the City Michael has decided that it is time to join an independent, make a difference and some money. He shares our love of football and everything sporty so should fit in very quickly.