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Friday Mumble

Posted by in Office Updates, Staff on 16th November 2012

Fridays mumble is often a great talking point in the office across the whole week and this week is no exception.

Michael has been very offended that a certain member of the team (no names mentioned) has dipped their feet into someone else's fish bowl. Michael has a Garra fish shop, you know the little fish that nibble your feet and not a goldfish bowl.

Judd has been incredibly quiet which means one of three things, he's totally manic busy, he's ill or Buckland lost again - or could be all three?

Julie is her usual excited self, on target and my god don't we all know it!

Kirsty is on holiday, Linda is having her hair done, Trish is haggis chasing, Ella is cleaning, Yvonne is playing shops and Dean is just the boss.

CSCS training this coming week for a few of our operatives and I hope you have been contacted?

Question, if you see someone with a facial hair do you ask them if they doing Movember?

Good luck to our local sports teams this weekend of course our sponsored ones.

Picture this week is Kirsty our apprentices coke multi pack which she was foolish enough to leave, we hope she doesn't expect them to still be here on her return? 

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