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Friday Mumble 8th Feb 2013

Posted by in Office Updates, Opportunities on 8th February 2013

What a week, as I write this email someone in the office has just said ' Bath is in Dorset isn't it '? I can not write my reply here, but answers on a postcard (or an email please).

This week we were invited to Exeter City's training ground for a few pictures as we are the proud sponsors of the clubs Spring Ball this year. As the players arrived for training and the captain proudly held the Paramount mug in his hand and then Steve Perryman held it above his head just like he did when he lifted the FA Cup for Spurs, we felt very humble.

Shooting back to the office for a meeting with our friends of the other shaped ball (Rugby) Exeter Chiefs, the mighty chiefs of Premiership rugby fame the day seemed more like a sports office than a recruitment one. Do keep an eye out for our new advert in the ground!!

Michael has been busy recruiting for two new clients this week in Somerset and Torquay as well as sourcing candidates for a current client Huddersfield.

It needs to be said, yes Linda is at the hairdressers again today. It must cost her a bomb? Trish has been seen eating (need to say in a Scottish accent) soooorploooons, never heard of them myself but apparently if your Scottish you will have?

Kirsty passed her driving test first time!! Whoooop well done Kirsty, she has already asked for a beetle!

Judd has been on the look out for sympathy this week as it was a year to the day of his accident and subsequent 9 hour operation on his smashed elbow. Mind you if you are going to fall down the stairs try not to do it properly like he did!

Lots of new vacancies going on the web site this week, twitter has been tweeting like mad and we need to try and keep facebook up with twitter as well.

Now with thoughts of Tesco/Findus, stop all this Horsing about about and send us your CV.  

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