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Friday Mumble 22nd March

Posted by in Office Updates on 22nd March 2013

What an end to a busy week, I think the whole office is looking forward to a few cheeky drinks tonight?

Weather wise, I just don't know what to say. I wonder if the odds on a white Christmas were lower than a white Easter? The week has ended here in Devon with torrential rain, gales and flooding. The car park currently looks like it is November not the end of March!The end of our holiday year in 9 days certainly brings the closure of the winter and the birth of spring we hope.

We have recruited a new recruitment consultant and are...

Friday Mumble 1st March

Posted by in Office Updates, Staff on 1st March 2013

This week see's not much in the way of change, busy and lots going on!

We are always happy to say that at the Paramount office the weather outside has been dry and long may that last. The only down side is Judd in the office bullys everyone into making it like the Sahara by turning the heating right up - bless him.

We have lost a member of staff this week with Michael becoming the first casualty in 15 months which is never good but nice to see that consistency in the Paramount office still remains.

Good luck to Exeter City who welcome...