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Paramount Personnel's Best Interview Tips

Posted by in Opportunities on 27th November 2018

Best Interview TipsSo, you’ve been offered an interview, which is the first step towards securing your next career move; how do you go about preparing for THAT interview? Well, here are our BEST INTERVIEW TIPS.

Make sure you prepare for the interview

Do your research about the company and the specific role that you're applying for. Important areas to research are:

The Website. What can you learn about the establishment/business from their website? Look at the “About Us” page; you might even see your interviewer on there.

Look at their social media channels. What sort of content are they sharing? Being aware of this, can give you the ‘heads up’ in an interview process… i.e. “I saw that on your Facebook”.

A simple Google search is always a good place to look. For example, has their business been in the news recently (for both good and bad reason!)? You’ll be surprised what you can learn about a business from this tool.

Make sure you know what your role will entail and “Be Ready for Their Questions”. Things like:

Why do you want the job?
What are your salary expectations?
What experience have you had?

Being proactive and “Prepare Your Own Questions” … and make sure they're positive (i.e. NOT, what time do we finish on a Friday?)

Get ready the night before

Iron a shirt/blouse
Lay out your clothes
Set an alarm

DO NOT eat any 'strong, odorous' foods the night before. Also, if you smoke, make sure you don’t have one just before you go in and maybe limit alcohol the night before too.

Also, worth remembering...

They might not be a natural at interviewing and could well be nervous too. If they are, it may well relax you and make the whole process easier.

Make sure your public social media accounts, give the best impression of you. If you have a drunken night out picture you aren’t very proud of, or you’ve had a rant at someone, it might be worth considering taking it down.


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