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Here’s the best way to leave your job

Posted by in Website on 29th January 2019


Here’s the best way to leave your job

Here’s the best way to leave your jobWe’re still in January and the “New Year New You” vibe, remains strong. At this time of the year, a career move can be at the forefront of your mind.

Finding a new job is exciting; it’s fun and exhilarating all at the same time. What tends to be a trickier task though, is resigning from your current job.

If your career move has been brought about because of the current position you hold, and your lack of love for it, we highly recommend that you think very hard about the way that you resign. If your current boss is a complete numpty, or the business you’ve been working for, doesn’t fit with you very well anymore, telling them exactly what you think of them, after you’ve secured your new role, can be one of the worst things you can do.

It might feel amazing to give them a piece of your mind, but what you must remember is that reputations live on long in the memory.

If you badmouth your boss, even if it’s what you’d LOVE to do, it can affect your reputation within the industry you work in going forward. When moving jobs within an industry, you’ll often come across people you’ve worked with or for, in the past. If that new colleague has been on the end of your tongue-lashing when you both worked at that previous company, that is going to make life very complicated for both of you.

To make things easier for yourself, in the long run, telling your current company why you’re leaving, in a clear and precise manner, will be respected more than simply stating that you think ‘that person’ is a wally.

If, when you hand your notice in, your company doesn’t want to lose you, they may simply offer you an improved package, to stay. That situation will never arise, if you’ve already blown your top or badmouthed a colleague.

We’ve all known that person who left a job in a hail of bullets and glory, and that person is often remembered as a bit of a hero. That is, until you come to site one day or enter the office and… there they are! You immediately have an opinion of that person when you remember what a loose cannon they can be. Ask yourself, “do I want to be that person?”

We highly recommend using restraint when handing in your notice with a current employer, for all of the reasons we’ve stated above. That reputation can mean so much when climbing the corporate ladder or starting a new position with a new company. Remember, people are quick to judge and if their first impression of you is given by a former colleague of yours, about how you once ‘blew your stack’ at a former job, that’s your card marked.

Stay calm friends.

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