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Answering Three of the Trickiest Interview Questions

Posted by in Website on 6th February 2019

As if interviews aren’t hard enough already, those pesky people who are looking to employ you, tend to throw in some hard questions too; I mean, it’s not like the interview process isn’t hard enough already.

So, the team here at Paramount Personnel have got together and come up with the best way of answering those darn tricky questions, enjoy!


The reason this question is asked is to find out if you’re self-aware and authentic. It’s about figuring out how you think and operate.

When answering it, consider using words that describe the way that you think. Mentioning that you are creative is good, but you need to give them examples; simply saying, “I’m creative” won’t cut it. Understanding if you’re authentic is key for them, so, don’t lie. If you’re not creative, maybe plump for something like curious instead.

This question is also seeking an answer about your character, so try and pick a trait that rings true. Don’t make it up, but honesty and kindness are both good answers.


Please, please, PLEASE don’t say “I’m a perfectionist”. You might as well say, “don’t give me the job”.

This question is aimed to solicit a negative answer, but the trick here is to turn a negative situation in to a situation where you learned something.

Say for example you’ve been working at the same establishment for too long and your career has become stale. This could be something worth bringing up as long as you highlight that you’re there with them, in that interview, to kick-start the next part of your career.


Uuugghh, I hate this one, and I know I’m not alone in that. If you’re ambitious, the real answer may be that you’ve already moved on from the company who’re looking to employ you that day!

Equally, if you say you’re hoping to have been promoted within that organisation, that can be negative too; it’s a loaded question. The company you’re interviewing for, may not have the room to promote you any time soon, so be careful with that answer.

It’s natural to want to say that you see yourself with that company in five years, but your answer should be based around the understanding of that company and how it might change and evolve in the coming years.

Make sure you know how much that company has grown and what their ambitions are. If you align your own goals with them, it’s likely to be a good fit and that will come across in the interview.


Think about all of these questions before you go in to an interview and have an answer ready. It’s likely to be different for each place you go to, so have them planned in advance.

Do your research. Understand where that company is heading and what their goals are too. It might be prudent to ask the same question in return, but that’s a bold move and you should only ask that if you think the interview is heading in the right direction.

Be honest! Unless your answer to question one is… Lazy, ignorant and unemployable; then you should consider finding something that you love to do instead - Good luck.

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