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Do you suffer from the Sunday Scaries?

Posted by in Website on 19th February 2019

As people who work in the hospitality industry, the one thing we rarely experience is the 9 to 5 grind. Few of us have gone through the “Sunday Scaries”, dreading waking up on a Monday morning and having to deal with a job or a boss, we simply cannot stand.

At the weekend, memes appear on Facebook like… “You don’t have to be mad to work here, but it helps”, or “When people ask how I handle this job…. I’M DEAD INSIDE”, accompanied by a picture of someone from Ricky Gervais’ The Office.

Despite many of us not experiencing that ‘Sunday night feeling’ we can still learn to dread the night before a long week ahead. Now, that’s not a reason alone to leave your job, it may be the week ahead is a particularly challenging one; fortunately, they don’t come along too often though.

But, if that feeling goes beyond the anxiety which forms in the pit of your stomach to something approaching a near-death experience which gives you the reason to excuse yourself from work the next day, it may well be time to consider finding a new job.

It’s common in our industry to mask these feelings. Eating junk food or consuming too much alcohol isn’t the same as preparing a delicious meal and drinking a lovely bottle of wine, to finish off the week. If you recognise this behaviour as distracting, it’s not OK.

If none of this is ringing any bells…. lucky you, you’ve got this. If like most of us, you can relate to some of what we’ve discussed in this article on a Sunday night (or at the beginning of a set of shifts), you’re not alone. Of course you want your time off to continue, who doesn’t? The things you have to do at work are rarely nearly as fun as what you’ve been up to when you’re not there, but hopefully once you get back in to the swing of things, you’re actually pretty happy.

However, if on the night before you start work again, you really do start to feel sick with anxiety, and the insomnia leaves you so tired, you can barely function, you need to do something about it. Telling someone at work, preferably someone who can help, may be the answer. Whatever the issues are, discussing them with your manager or someone from human resources can be a good start.

If that is too difficult or it simply doesn’t go well, it may well be time to find another job. No one deserves to feel that way, so go and find your happiness; you deserve it.

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