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It’s the first day of your new job; what should you do?

Posted by in Website on 22nd March 2019

  What should you do on the first day of a new job? Stay Calm

It’s likely you’ll be a little nervous, so take a few deep breaths before you walk in the door on the first day. However, it’s also important to remember that you deserve to be there; they picked you out of everyone who came for the job interview. Knowing this should help calm those nerves and make you feel better.

Don’t be late

Ask what time you’re expected to turn up on a daily basis, and then get there, ON TIME! In fact, on the first day, it may well be...

How do you dress for a job interview?

Posted by in Website on 8th March 2019

  How to dress for a job interview

Let’s kick this off straight away; no matter what sort of job you’re applying for, you should ALWAYS make an effort. By that we mean, dress smartly.

You may be going for a job that involves wearing a uniform or even overalls. This can lead to confusion as to what you wear to the job interview, but we’ll say it again, dress smartly.

Is it different for men and women?


Why should we dress smartly?

Put it this way, the way you dress for the interview will leave a first impression with your potential future employer. So, if...

Discussing Your Salary During An Interview

Posted by in Website on 5th March 2019

  When is a good time to ask about my salary during the interview?

If ever there was a topic that divides opinion, it’s this one. Admittedly, it’s a great way of finding out if the role is right for you; because, if you know the salary, it will help you make up your mind if it’s in line with your expectations and in the long run, save everyone else’s time too.

But when is a good time to ask about salary at the interview? Let’s go through it…

You need to judge the situation for yourself

There aren’t any rules about asking or not...