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Life on the Line or Food for Thought?

Posted by in Website on 20th March 2020


Across the land there is a bloodletting; a laceration that no quick trip to the chef’s office first aid kit will mend. Alas, a blue plaster doesn’t exist of the size required, but this is our new reality.

We’re not unrealistic, we’re not stupid. We know you can’t run a business or pay wages without guests, diners, revenue. We salute the owners and chefs up and down the land, thinking outside that box.

Michelin starred pubs are flogging takeaway lasagnes with salad; 3 rosetted restaurants are switching to pizzas on pick-up; even some establishments have gone into overdrive with their suppliers to then sell raw produce at a profit to the general public that have discovered the supermarkets empty.

It is a time to pull together, to solve together, to hurt together... to share the pain. Chefs, porters, waitstaff, hospitality managers and more... remember this moment, remember who engaged you as human beings, who tried their utmost within their means to support you and to come up with solutions. A true leader knows that to take care of oneself is to take care of the team first.

Keep the faith all and keep safe.