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Online Interviews

Posted by in Office Updates on 19th January 2021

Online Interviews

Being interviewed online for a new job is pretty standard these days, but it’s also something that is very new to everyone. However, we here at Paramount Personnel think we can help. We have spoken to the members of the team and asked for their best tips, to help you feel at ease when facing your potential new employer via your computer or smartphone.

Firstly, think about your surroundings. Your new boss is going to get a good look inside your home, so make sure you’re comfortable with what is in the background. We’ve seen lots of people being interviewed on TV, and what’s in the background can be very distracting.

Tidy up

Make sure (if you’re in the kitchen) there aren’t a stack of dirty dishes behind you. You might ask, “why, I’m not being interviewed for how clean I keep my kitchen?” Well, if you’re applying for a job that involves working in a kitchen, it makes sense to show you take pride in this area of the house. Even if you’re not going to be working in a kitchen, first impressions count.


One of the best tips from a member of the team is this, “Treat it like a normal interview, prepare and present yourself as if you are sat in front of them and not a computer. And, as hard as it may seem, relax and don’t forget to take the opportunity to interview them too.”

Dress to impress

It’s still an interview, so please make the effort. “Look smart but casual, unless it is for an executive role,” says our Managing Director. “Plus, don’t roll out of bed ten minutes before the planned interview and just sit there in your PJ’s”.

Your device

Our MD also makes a good point about your device, “If you’re not running from mains electricity, ensure you have enough charge in your chosen device.” It can also be a good thing to have a CV close to hand and copies of relevant qualifications too; you can always show these to the interviewer.


If your internet speed isn’t great, ask all other members of the household to stop using the wi-fi during your interview. This includes streaming services like Netflix and of course, your Alexa and Google home device too.

Sitting on your couch might help you relax during an interview. Try not to slouch though and get too comfortable. You want to give the impression you’re paying attention and not looking disinterested.

Lighting and sound

If possible, face a window, as natural light is the best light you can get. If this is impossible, make sure there is a light source in front of you at least. If there’s a bright light coming from behind you, you’ll just appear as a silhouette to the interviewer.


If you can, try and be in a room on your own and with as little background noise as possible. Being on your own will most probably make you feel more comfortable, as an audience of just one other person, can really put you off. Turn off the TV or radio, because when you’re not talking, all your interviewer will be able to hear is whatever other noise is in that room.

It’s still an interview

Other than that, the simple advice is to treat it like any other interview. Be polite, if you miss something that is said, simply explain that you didn’t quite catch what was said and ask if they could repeat it please; they will have experienced this before, and it is a very reasonable request to make.

And Finally…

Make sure the computer or smartphone you’re using, is at eye level. The interviewer doesn’t want to be looking UP your nose!

If you have any other advice that you think we’ve missed and you used during your online interview, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch.

Most of all… Good Luck!

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