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Step 3 - The Reopening

Posted by in Office Updates on 12th May 2021

According to Monday's announcement from the government, the roadmap is on track and the planned Step 3 easements will go ahead on 17th May (next Monday), the Prime Minister has confirmed.

The majority of the indoor and remaining outdoor economy can reopen, and gathering limits will increase indoors and outdoors too. This includes “indoor hospitality”, HURRAH! We will be allowed to eat inside, and that includes restaurants in hotels too!

Up to 6 people or 2 households will be able to meet indoors and up to 30 people outdoors. Up to 30 people will now be able to attend weddings, receptions, and commemorative events including wakes. Step 4 is due to take place no earlier than 21st June.

This will be such a relief for so many hospitality business owners and their staff, who since mid-April, have been working extra hard taking table orders outdoors and then transporting everything from the kitchen and the bar, to people at their tables. The weather definitely hasn’t helped and hardy diners and drinkers have supported so many of these amazing establishments.

As of Monday though, we’ll be allowed back indoors; into the comfort of a restaurant. In to the comfort of a bar, a café, a coffee shop, a tea rooms, a pub, a diner, a hotel, a B&B, a brasserie, a bistro, a wine bar, etc.

No doubt, as soon as we’re allowed indoors, the weather will improve; they call that Murphy’s Law, don’t they? But who cares, get me indoors out of the rain, the wind, the sun and all the challenges that entails. I cannot wait to settle down inside one of my favourite restaurants, order my favourite drink, pick something I’ve not tried from the menu and… indulge myself.

We’ve earned it and all those business owners will appreciate you returning, spending your hard earned money and helping things to begin to return to some kind of normal. Good luck to EVERYONE in the hospitality industry, we're all in this together.

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