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Stability in the Hotel Industry

Posted by in Website on 30th July 2021

From the reports that we’ve been reading and the people that we’ve been talking to, investment in hotels is at a very high level. With international travel still being an issue, staycations, or holidaying in the country that you live in, have seen a huge boom.

Why is this interesting to us you might say?

Well, it’s no secret that the hospitality industry has found it harder to recruit since the lockdown of 2021 eased. Many people from the industry had to find alternative work last year and with the Government restrictions stopping the industry from being able to do any kind of work, security for employees and individuals became a priority, naturally.

Consumer confidence is now returning to the sector as the vaccine rollout progresses. We’ve seen the lifting of the law that says you no longer have to wear a mask inside, yet overwhelmingly, we’ve seen visitors only too happy to wear a mask when entering hospitality venues.

The respect from the general public for the staff has again been very encouraging; we’re never going to forget this pandemic and it feels like it has changed people’s attitudes to life. We’re not going to take for granted that hotels and restaurants will just ‘be there’ for our entertainment, we need to support them and their staff, or they simply won’t be there for us to enjoy in the future.

It now looks like stability is returning to the industry with a strong trend towards investment in hotels. Leniency in lending (from the banks) will also help owners to invest in their properties and staff, increasing staffing levels and security in the industry too. This was possibly long overdue even pre-pandemic, but with a vibrant market, confidence is flooding back, and people are realising that these gems on our doorsteps (within the UK) can make for a wonderful holiday, without the hassle of airports and international travel.

But of course, even with international travel recommencing, there will be many nations that will want to visit the UK, and when they arrive, they too will need somewhere to stay.