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The introduced person must not have been or be currently working for Paramount Personnel.  The introduced person must work a full 2 weeks consecutively in a full time post, either as a temp or in a permanent post. The introduced person can only be introduced by one person. The £100 will only be paid out after the introduced person has completed their 2 weeks. Introductions can only be made in advance and not back dated.

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Paramount Personnel •2 days,2 hours,35 mins

Come on, own up, who forgot about the clocks jumping forward last night? ⏰ https://t.co/Z9Fw1b9UfM

Paramount Personnel •3 days,19 hours,51 mins

One day away from PP Towers and we miss it already. It's still business as usual, as we try to find jobs for peop… https://t.co/KIOLr1yMQB

Paramount Personnel •4 days,18 hours,20 mins

It is with regret that we have had to close our door at Paramount Personnel; the door that is always open will now… https://t.co/2GVmLtpTFG