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The introduced person must not have been or be currently working for Paramount Personnel.  The introduced person must work a full 2 weeks consecutively in a full time post, either as a temp or in a permanent post. The introduced person can only be introduced by one person. The £100 will only be paid out after the introduced person has completed their 2 weeks. Introductions can only be made in advance and not back dated.

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Paramount Personnel •3 hours,13 mins

Aaaaannnnnd, he's back! The Great White, Phil White is back! Please welcome Phil White back to the Paramount team… https://t.co/ILNCx14m2M

Paramount Personnel •8 hours,36 mins

@DeanParamount It was on holiday, this was the only mug available bossman!

Paramount Personnel •9 hours,27 mins

Happy Monday folks... If you need more than a coffee to get you going this morning, please talk to us. We are spec… https://t.co/7USXLeeLKj