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Breathtaking, rugged, beautiful Scotland!

Our Scotland office was a long time coming. Scotland has been enjoying a food revolution for some time now and we decided to assist with this. Based in the Highlands with its fantastic local produce all around it, it seemed the only way to go was Inverness for us

Paramount Personnel opened our office in Inverness as it is one of the fastest growing cities in the UK. Exciting, vibrant, cosmopolitan. Inverness is the road to the furthest extremities of the UK as well as being within easy travel distance to the Scottish Central Belt or most other UK cities. The hospitality, tourism and Food and Drink sectors in the Highlands and Islands are totally dependent on each other as well as vital for the local communities’ survival.

Ruined castles abound hanging perilously over cliffs and rocks, the purple heather carpets the glens, the 10000 miles of coastline (England only has 2000) are remote and  treacherous but welcoming and colourful and the Scottish Highlands are a paradise waiting for your heart to find them. This is a land famous for stories of heroes and magic, courage and sacrifice, monsters and witches.

However it’s now a land with an abundance of luxury hotels set within a grand castle or a tranquil Loch-side lodge setting which lend themselves well to a soothing spa break, outdoor pursuit activities or nature walks and trails as well as the lavish boutique hotels in the cities where the shopping experience is equal to any other European city.

To say that food and drink is at the very heart of Scotland would be an understatement. It is very much the fabric of the nation as well as the culture and economy. With the natural landscape and agricultural tapestry in the rural hillsides, coastal waters and rich land Scotland produces what is considered the best and most sought after natural produce in the world. Scotland’s Natural Larder provides the most mouth-watering Aberdeen Angus steaks, fresh seafood (trout, salmon, oysters and langoustines) our very own “water of life” which some of us in Paramount Personnel enjoy purely for research and genuine appreciation purposes.

Paramount Personnel’s conveniently located offices in Inverness are able to cover the length and breadth of the country. From the Borders to Shetland and the Northern Isles.  From the Western Isles to Aberdeen and Dundee and everywhere else in between Paramount Personnel with in excess of 20 years’ experience within the hospitality recruitment sector  can meet the needs and demands of all clients working within these dynamic industries supporting Scotland’s economy, reputation and lifestyle.! Following on with our Football sponsorship we are also keen sponsors of Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC in the Scottish premiership.

Our Inverness-based Recruitment specialists have over 20 years of experience in the recruitment of Hospitality and Construction professionals

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