Top Tips on How to Prepare for an Interview

Top Tips on Preparing for an Interview

Research, research, research…

Find out as much as you can about the company you might be working for. Look through their website, products, people and history but Google them too, take a look at their reviews or any press releases.

Questions about the company will come up in your interview, by showing you’ve done your research, this will impress the employer and give you the competitive edge.

Most companies have social media accounts – this is a great way of really delving into how the company operates, its culture, values and personality. You can decide whether this is the kind of environment you’d be able to fit into.

Review the job description of the role too. You’ve been invited in for the interview so the employer will already know you tick some of the boxes, but is there any part of the role you’re unsure about or you don’t have experience with? If you’re lacking experience in some areas, be honest and tell them, it’s not the end of the interview. Employers love to hear that you’re willing and able to do some training in this area. Being misleading about your experience could come back to bite you later! If you’re not sure about a certain area of the role, ask the question and they’ll be happy to elaborate further.

Think about what questions they’ll be asking
You’ve done your research and you’ll now have a clearer idea about the kind of questions you might be asked. Most interviews ask the common questions such as “why do you want to work for this company?”, but others might be very specific to the company, its products or the way it operates. Really think hard about how you’d answer those questions – write them down or…

Do a mock interview

A great way of preparing is to do a mock interview with a friend or relative. You can practice answering some of the tougher questions you might be asked and it’s a brilliant way of getting your voice and body language right too. Having confidence when answering questions and asking them, will make your interview memorable to the employer.

Think about the questions that YOU will be asking

Asking questions is something all employers like to hear in an interview. It shows that you’re interested in the role and the company. With the job being a big part of your life, it’s inevitable that you’ll have some questions. Good questions to ask:

  • Is this a new role or was there someone else in the role before, how long did they hold this position?You can find out a lot from asking this question – if the role is a new one, it usually means the company is on the up and things are going well. If the role was occupied before, you’ll probably find out why that person has left/is leaving which could give you further insight into the company and the role.
  • What is the culture like here?Whilst you’ve probably found out a lot about the culture via the company’s social media pages or website, it’s even better to hear it from the employer themselves. You’ll gain a lot of knowledge into how the company is run and the type of people that they employ.
  • Will there be a review of my progress?People love affirmation – to know how they are progressing in the role and what they’ll be striving for is something all employers should be doing.
  • What career opportunities are available to me?This will show that you’re willing to learn and you see a future for yourself at the company.

Plan your travel arrangements

Being late for an interview will not make the right first impression to the employer. It might sound simple, but make sure you know where the company is located so you can plan your travel arrangements. Check out train/bus times, how long the journey will take by foot. If you’re driving there, find out about the parking and an alternative route if there’s any issues getting there on the day.

Dress to impress

Most companies will expect you to wear something smart to the interview. Black and blue are the most common colours to wear. It’s also all about the details – shine those shoes, check for loose hems, get your hair done and those fingernails manicured! Employers do notice these small details so it’s good to get yourself all present and correct beforehand. Wearing smart clothes will give you confidence too and this will come across in your body language.

What you should be taking with you

It’s always good to bring at least 5 hard copies of your CV and a list of referees for the employer too – make sure you have all their details such as email address, position and company name. If you have any certificates that are relevant to the role, take those with you too. Keep them in a secure folder to make sure they don’t get creased.


Of course you’ll be nervous, who doesn’t get nervous before an interview?! It’s so important though to get a good night’s sleep before the big day. No one wants to see a stifled yawn or an interviewee looking a little worse for wear!

Don’t have any caffeine before bedtime, watch your favourite film or listen to your favourite music to calm those nerves. You’ve done all your prepping, it’s time to relax.

Paramount Personnel wish you the best of luck in your interview!

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